Tuesday, May 30, 2006

NEWS POST: It's Our Party

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Monday, May 29, 2006

No, that's the Teri Hatcher Emaciation Hour.

Jock #1: Okay, so this lady like kills herself, but only because the neighbor was blackmailing her because the lady had killed another woman to get her kid and then the husband killed the blackmailer and hid her body and then it ended up that...
Jock #2: Whoa. Wait. Isn't Desperate Housewives a reality show?

-- UC hill, overheard by JP

At least it wasn't pink!

Guy: So I had a blueberry martini tonight--
Girl: How was it? Emasculating?

-- The Runt Club

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Another young person's dream, waiting to be tarnished and rusted by the saline of reality...

Girl: (Playing Taboo - the clue is "Judge") Ooh! Uh, okay, [Jess], this is what you want to be when you grow up!
[Jess]: A robot?

-- Somerset Place

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

It's actually in Rand McNally.

Girl #1: Hey [Jane], where's Islam?
Girl #2: Duh! It's in India!

-- World History, overheard by Sharon

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

So does he!

Street Guy: Could you please spare some change?
Girl: No, sorry, I can't. I need it for beer.

-- Richmond St., overheard by Dan

"No, no. This is strictly a meat market."

Girl: I'll trade you a pack of smokes and 3 drinks for [Mark].

-- GT's, overheard by Mary

Thursday, May 11, 2006

"No, it's a fruit."

Guy #1: Did you know that Oxford Street Mosque was Ontario's first mosque, and Canada's second ever mosque?
Guy #2: What's a mosque? Is that like an animal or something?

-- Station Park Convenience, overheard by Marcus

Yeah, those industrial apartments suck.

A bunch of girls are walking down a residential street.

Girl: I would really like to live in a place like this, only in a residential area.

-- Hyman Street, overheard by Ashley

Monday, May 08, 2006

If Brenda Walsh were here, you'd be singing a different tune.

Girl #1: So I guess he screens these women online for dates by just asking that one supposed psychopath-screening question!
Girl #2: And if she gives the "psychopathic" answer to the question, he just stops talking to her? Even if they've been happily chatting without incident for months?
Girl #1: Yes! Crazy, eh?
Girl #2: That seems like a ridiculously quick way to make a judgment on somebody!
Guy: Well, I don't like girls with bangs...

-- WonderSushi, overheard by Joyce

Friday, May 05, 2006

Yes, it's why they all wear sombreros and eat nachos.

White guy (to Filipino girl): Filipino ... that's, like, in Mexico, isn't it?

-- VRL, overheard by Crystal, Jess and Heather

The next Food Network stars:

Guy #1: Hey man, I'm really hungry, let's go make some food.
Guy #2: Yeah, let's barbeque!
Guy #1: It's, like, -10 degrees outside.
Guy #2: I've got it! Let's barbeque inside on the stove!
Guy #1: Dude ... that's called cooking.

-- Waterloo St., overheard by Mike

Monday, May 01, 2006

Are the prices different?

Girl (to guy): Do you want to eat this in an alleyway or at my house?

-- McDonald's, overheard by Dan

Yeah, the soylent green ones are way better.

Girl #1: What kind of fries did they have at the caf tonight?
Girl #2: Umm ... the regular kind?
Girl# 1: Oh good! Because I really hate those ones, that, like ... still
have the potato in them!

-- Westminster Residence, overheard by Ruth

"Can we have a race?"

Teacher: What do we want to talk about next week?
Guy: In undergrad, I was really interested in sperm competition.

-- overheard by Ian