Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Friends, Western students, relentless mockers of Western students, lend me your ears;
I come to bury this Web site…

Yes, that's right. As you may have guessed by the dearth of new posts over the past ten or so months, OAW is dead. Although Western students are, as far as we know, still running around with their brains apparently totally disconnected from their mouths, the sad fact of the matter is that the last of OAW's founding members graduated in the spring of 2008, and we are no longer around to bear witness to the stupid. (Also, we just have crazily busy jobs and no Hotmail access at work.) We have been meaning to say goodbye for quite some time now, so we apologize for our procrastination. With any luck, at least those of you who are students will understand.

To bid you "farewell", we bring you a few things that you may have wanted to know about Team OAW through the years:

  • Its founding members are both female, and both from the same faculty.

  • Although one of us did go to UWO for her undergrad degree, we were not "undergrads" when we were running the site.

  • One of us does, in fact, hold an Ivey degree. Also represented on staff were MIT, Music, and Engineering.

  • Yes, we did periodically post our own conversations. These can probably be recognized as the particularly snarky ones taking place between two or three females.

  • We never, ever made up a single conversation that we put up here. If they were invented by people who submitted material to us, there's not much we can do about that. However, any of you who have ever walked around the UWO campus can probably vouch for the fact that we had more than enough material to work with.
Thanks are owed to the undergrad student we recruited to help us out in our final year. Zac, your brand of snark was a new and refreshing change from ours – sorry we disappeared and hung you out to dry in the end.

Thanks are likewise owed to our best friend, "Deadpan". She was a participant in many of our conversations posted here, and, more importantly, in the conversation that led us to set the site up in the first place.

To our readers: thank you for the three-ish years of laughter, eye-rolling, and comment chains that rapidly escalated to the irrelevant and overly political. We hope we've left you with enough archival material to allow you to go back and reminisce.

To our contributors: we sincerely appreciated every submission we got for the site. No, we didn't post them all. Some of them we didn't get; some of them we didn't think were funny (sorry!); and some of them we just plain couldn't come up with a title for. However, your eavesdropping and emailing abilities were what made this site what it was.

So long, kids. We miss you already, but hey – we'll always have London.