Wednesday, May 30, 2007

His exam marks were dismal, but his playoff beard would take him to more exotic locales than a B.A. ever would...

Guy: So, I'm thinking of quitting university and going into porn. Yeah, university isn't working out so well...

-- King's cafeteria, overheard by Tyler

The problem was, "Hey, my rep at UWO needs a boost. Can you help out?"

Girl: Hey, that's what friends are for! Later, you fucking slut.

-- overheard by Caylen

"No. You're not ready."

Woman: (to clerk) Can you direct me to the self-help section?

-- Chapters, overheard by Bob

"When 'Home' didn't teleport me to Toronto, I assumed these buttons were all just a tease..."

Lindsay Lohan Wannabe: Hi, I have been trying to use the online banking but I don’t think I am set up.
TD Bank Guy: I can show you how to register.
LL Wannabe: Oh, I’ve signed up, but I don’t think it worked.
TD Guy: Well, let's sign on using my computer. If something isn’t correct on your profile we can fix it. (He enters her banking information and LL Wannabe enters her password.)
LL Wannabe: (Awkward pause) Oh, you have to hit the "sign in" button?!

-- TD Bank, overheard by Chad