Saturday, June 17, 2006

Well, they did give us David Hasselhoff.

Dumb Girl: So I was watching the Germany World Cup game, and the crowd was shouting something over and over, like "dutchie" or something.
Smart Girl: Was it Deutschland?
Dumb Girl: Yeah. Deutschland. Haha, what the fuck does that mean?
Smart Girl: It's what the Germans call Germany.
Dumb Girl: Really? They don't call it "Germany"?
Smart Girl: No, they call it Deutschland.
Dumb Girl: That's crazy. Hey, what do they call Canada?
Smart Girl: Kanada. With a "K".
Dumb Girl: Ha. Stupid Germans.

-- 13 Wellington

Aside: "Hey, maybe this is why I have no friends!"

Girl: HEY! I know you!
Guy: NO, YOU DON'T! (looking extremely offended and disgusted)
Girl: Oh ... okay.

-- 29 Park, overheard by Q and WO

Overheard on the Road: York University

Girl: I never exaggerate. EVER.

-- overheard by Robin

Monday, June 05, 2006

She must be EOA.

Guy: Yeah, you know my brother's girlfriend [Jen], she's been mugged ... a bunch of times.

-- McGinnis Landing