Friday, May 02, 2008

"Ah, I see you've played cuppy-napkinny before."

Girl: Can I please have an extra cup?
Tim Horton's Staff: Here you go.
Girl: Those are napkins.
Tim Horton's Staff: Whoops.

-- UCC Tim Horton's line, overheard by Jordan

Overheard on the Road: McGill

Girl #1: So these bitches come up to me and they're all like, "Can I borrow your notes for [psych] class? And I'm all like, "No, fuck you, do your own work". I hate those lazy bitches.
Girl #2: Yeah, totally.
Girl #1: Oh, I had my [history] exam the other day... I didn't take any notes or read any of the assignments... I didn't study, either. But I'm not worried - I got assigned seat A-1 for the exam.
Girl #2: That's totally a good sign. You'll get an "A" for sure.

-- overheard by Mike

Which is full of squares.

Army Pants Girl: We have been walking in circles forever, eh?
Plaid Shorts Guy: Yeah, don't talk to me about circles. I don't know about them - I'm in Science.

-- overheard by Rachel

And then the space-time continuum ripped, sucking the entire store into an alternate dimension.

Two students are scanning items at the Wal-Mart self-checkout.

Queen's Student: Hey, these underwear were $8.96, but it's coming up $10.13 as the total. Oh, it must be some sort of discount.
UWO Student: Um, that would be the tax.

-- North London Wal-Mart, overheard by Anonymous