Thursday, February 14, 2008

He's probably just been busy working overtime to buy her an engagement ring.

A few days before Valentine's Day...

Girl #1: So yeah, like, you know how you can totally tell a guy is into you? I mean we stayed up aaaall night after we screwed around, just talking, you know? And it just really meant a lot and I knew it was just such a special night.
Girl #2: Yeah totally. So are you guys doing anything for Valentine's?
Girl #1: No... Well, maybe. I don't know - we haven't really spoken about it.
Girl #2: Oh. So when was the last time you guys spoke?
Girl #1: Well, you know, that night I told you about over the Christmas holidays.


Girl #3: (jumps in really quick) Oh yeah, well, I am sure he will call soon.
Rest of the group: Oh yeah, totally.

-- Around the mirrors in a UWO washroom, overheard by Heather


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