Saturday, March 22, 2008

Somewhere, many moons ago, Tara Reid must have uttered this same phrase...

A girl is talking on her cell in an absurdly loud voice. She may have once been Caucasian, but she has tanned her skin to the colour of baked yams. Her bleached hair is pulled back from her face to prevent it smearing the make-up she has seemingly applied with a trowel.

Girl: Whatever, he'll get over it. I mean, I told him all along I wasn't looking for, like, true love or whatever. And obviously when I said he needed a nose job, I meant a good one! Now he looks all pig-faced. (Suddenly looks surprisingly thoughtful) You know... I think it may have actually looked better before!

-- UCC Tim Horton's line-up, overheard by Catie


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Catie, your prose is delightful. Never before has someone painted such a vivid picture of the quintessential painted whore. Bravo.

11:39 PM  
Anonymous manda...not a western girl.. thank god said...

hahaha...she had on her uggs , western sweater and jogging pants too didnt she... hair pulled on top of her head and a shit load of makeup on... but shes not "trying to fit in" haha typical...

2:14 AM  

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